Thursday, September 18, 2008

What My Neighbors Must Think

We live on a corner lot and for some reason people think that it's a good idea to drop their trash on our side lawn. I've found cups, fast food bags, take out boxes, beer bottles and the like on our side lawn. Today, I get home from work, do my mile jog/walk thing, and come back around to see a Styrofoam cup in our lawn. Bastards! Now, there are a lot of chores I hate, but mowing the lawn is at the top of the list and it's blatantly obvious when you look at our front and side lawns, it looks like we're attempting to grow our own Amazon. Maybe that's why people dump their garbage there, they think no one will see it, who the heck knows. Anyways, our lawn is riddled with these thorny weed brier things, and if you don't keep the lawn mowed they get out of control and they're all along the curb, right where the blasted cup is. I'm not thinking about thorny weeds, I'm thinking about how rude people are and how much I would love to catch the next person dropping their crap on my lawn. Suddenly, "Ouch!" I look down and I have thorny briers all over my shoes, shoelaces, and in my skin. "CRAP, I forgot about the blasted thorns." So there I was, hopping and diving around these thorny weeds trying to get to this cup, hissing profanities between my teeth. I'm pressed up against the house skimming the brick trying to avoid the weeds, hop over a swarm of them, swipe the cup, hop over the patch again, skimming the side of the house, then I get that weird feeling like someone's watching me. I look up, my back still against the side of the house, arms splayed out against the brick, to see my neighbors staring at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. My first thought is, "What the heck is their problem?" Then I suddenly realize it looks like I'm impersonating James Bond the way my back is pressed up flat against the house and I'm skimming the bricks, I'm hopping all over the place like I'm trying to avoid a mine. I hold up the cup and say, "Cup, and there's weeds, and...." They're both looking at me like I'm insane, "Well have a nice night", and continue my hop scotch game across the front lawn. I swear between my chaotic dog walks, random rocks being hurled at the birds in my yard, and me constantly throwing out mangled kiddie pools, and outdoor furniture and other random thing my dogs have decided to go ballistic on, I'm convinced my neighbors think I escaped from the looney bin. Yesterday a bee attacked me at my mailbox, the little old lady across the street was outside with her dog and they were both looking at me horrified as I beat the crap out of my mailbox with the flyer I had recieved that day, I turned around and said, "Oh there was a bee." She looked at me, still horrified and just nodded her head. Eh, whatever Ryan and I weren't planning on living here for forever anyways, lol. At least the neighbors know who I am!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Pet Insurance

I have spent over $1300 for Orion (my Golden Retriever puppy) to be seen by specialists and neurologists and to have testing done for his seizures. I have said this ENTIRE time, thank goodness I have pet ins. I recieved my claim back today, after the 20% and the deductible that I paid, I received $535 which is not even half, I called and spoke with a lady who said she would call me back, she needed to look into it. I received a call back later today stating that due to Orion being a Golden Retriever and Golden retreivers having a history of Epilepsy they cannot pay me the full amount. Well Orion was never diagnosed with epilepsy, the doctors still don't know what caused the seizures and unless I am willing to pay $1700 to run more tests with the possibility that they may all come back negative they won't pay me any more, AND if Orion is diagnosed with epilepsy they will only pay out $100. The supervisor I spoke with told me that I should be happy with the money I recieved because it's more than their initial payout would have been, since technically his condition is not diagnosed. SO, I pay $50 a month for my dogs to be covered, for peace of mind for instances like Orion's seizures, so that if these instances occur I don't have to worry about money, and when these instances do happen my ins. company turns around and tells me that I should be happy with what I recieved because it's more than I should have gotten due to Orion being a Golden Retriever and his condition not being diagnosed. I understand there are stipulations to everything, but the more and more I look at insurance companies-car, pet, health, life, whatever, the more and more I'm seeing that they are just out to take your money. Yes yes, I probably should just be happy with the money I did recive back, but that's not the point. The point is, exactly what my father has been saying all along, insurance is a waste of money, but the minute you don't have it is when you wished you did, and then when you try to utilize it you get your wrist slapped. That's $600 a year that I spend JUST IN CASE, and now Orion has this "condition" on his record they won't pay out anymore if he were to have another series of seizures, I might as well cancel because now I'm just wasting $50 a month!



I have been rather stressed lately, with Ryan being deployed, work stress, fast-tracking my bachelor’s degree (which, by the way, is WAY more intense than I thought it was), the on-going “adventures” with my dogs and other random things, STRESSED is putting it lightly. I’m cranky, exhausted, and starving, like all the time. I’ve been stressed before but good lord this takes the cake. So in an effort to alleviate some of my stress I’ve taken up yoga…again. I have been trying to get into yoga for about 5 years now, I’ve taken classes, I’ve bought books, I’ve bought DVD’s, I’ve bought CD’s, I’ve bought yoga clothing, I’ve bought yoga equipment, all in an effort to try to enjoy this ever popular “exercise”. I really want to like yoga, but I can’t. I’ve tried so many different times and I will continue to try because I have not given up on the hope that one day I will like yoga (I know, it makes no sense why I continue to try, just roll with it). Yesterday I got out my mat, my blocks, and my straps and pop in my Yoga Relaxing Waters CD, and begin my 20 minute yoga sequence. Between pushing the cat off my mat, and having the dogs cock their head looking extremely confused as I contort myself into Crazy Monkey Pose (or whatever the heck it was), I FINALLY get to the end of the sequence, the last 5 minutes are for meditation. I sit Indian style on my mat and silently begin focusing on my breathing. In my head, it sounded something like this, “In…out…in…out…in…did I let Orion back in?” I open my eyes there he is practically nose to nose with me, “Yep he’s in.” I scoot back on my mat and go back to focusing on my breathing, “In…out…in…out…man, I am HUNGRY, should I eat leftovers or make spaghetti? I need to stay focused here. In…out…in…out…in…oh lord, choking, breathed too much in! Arms up! Mom? How’d you get in my head?" So yeah yoga isn’t so much for me. So how the heck am I going to deal with 7 months of insane stress you ask? Liquor and Netflix people. Liquor…and Netflix.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School

In this day and age a Bachelor's is a must if you want to make the money you're worth. Months ago I told Ryan I wanted to go back and finish my degree, he of course was supportive. I found Southern New Hampshire University, not only is it completely affordable but they offer a Business Finance degree solely online. They are a major university with a kick ass distance program, I feel VERY blessed that I found them and was accepted. All my credits transferred over from my Associate's degree. My AA degree is in English Lit and Theater, no idea how, but they were able to transfer over ALL those classes, including my stage make-up and poetry of the romantic era classes.

It was explained to me that their distance program is a fast track program designed to push a student through to finish their degree quicker than normal. They only allow students in this program to take 2 classes at a time and a "semester" is actually only 6-8 weeks long. GREAT! Bring it on! I'm a few years behind on this degree thing, I'm down! Well, when they said fast track they weren't kidding. I THOUGHT that the professors would pull key areas out of the textbooks and focus on them. Nope not so much, they go over the ENTIRE text, there's weekly quizzes and assignments and if you want a grade higher than a D, you have to be involved in ALL discussion boards. Meaning I'll be checking the boards several times EVERYDAY. "Good lord, this is supposed to be flexible for us working people....right?" NOPE! I completely mis-understood. When I got home this evening and told Ryan, he looked at me and said, "Babe, I thought you realized." "NO BABE, definitely didn't know!" That's ok, at this rate I'll have my degree in about a year and a half, and Ryan's about to go out to sea, I'll need to stay busy anyways *rolls eyes*.