Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Prelude Of My Future...

I took today off of work. I had a few appointments and I was going to use today to get errands caught up and get things organized in the house before the Navy came and packed us up. Got an errand or two done, cleaned up my husbands mess of an office, danced around in my undies, and watched the Price Is Right. I sat at the kitchen table with my face cupped in my hands, and looked at the was only noon. I thought to myself, "Oh lord, what am I going to do when I get to Baton Rouge, I don't know anyone, I won't have a job. I'm going to go insane! SURELY, I will die."

The original plan was for me to take a week or two off from the job hunting deal to get the house in order and relax and THEN start the job hunt. Realizing that I don't know how to relax, I started looking for accounting positions in the Baton Rouge area about a week ago. There is nothing. I've gone to every career-based website I could think of, went to Craigs List, and went to the local newspapers websites, nothin'. Well, unless you have a masters degree, CPA license, and want to get paid $30k a year, if that's the case, come on down, you're a winner! My conversation about my job situation, with my husband, went a bit like this-

Me: Babe, what the hell am I going to do? There's nothing for accountants down there.
Ryan: Well, you could always work the corner...
Ryan ducks as Stephanie throws a pack of sticky notes at him.
Ryan: Ok ok, I hear the strippers make good money...
Ryan ducks as the remote control is thrown across the room at him.
Me: Well, with the way this looks, I might be bartending for awhile, until I find something else.
Ryan: Well Louisiana is like the 4th poorest state in the nation. You don't need accountants if there's no money to keep track of.

SO, lets a week I will be jobless and on the hunt for any position that doesn't ask me to take my clothing off. I will be bored to tears until I find a job and I'm fairly certain that until I DO find a job I will harass all my friends who have instant messenger. You've been warned.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome To The Circus

Ya know the guys at the circus on the unicycles, that balance the plates and sticks with the crazy circus music playing in the background? Da DA dadadada DA DA dada, Da DA dadadada DA DA dada...well you get it. That, my friends, is me. My theme song and perfect depiction of my life.

Issue numbero uno. The Navy F'd up our moving paperwork, so yesterday I was on pins and needles worried that we'd end up paying for the entire move, WHICH would cost us several thousand dollars. Ryan couldn't even get on the base to have it corrected. Alison met him this morning to get him on base and THANKFULLY Ryan was able to get it corrected, but he wasn't able to make it to the supply office in time before they closed. Keep your fingers crossed that they can still give us our pack and load date we already have, even though we'll end up turning the paperwork in two days later than planned.

Issue numero dos. The property management lady isn't able to meet with us until next week. Ryan leaves on Monday to start his new job. So, that leaves me. Keep more fingers crossed that a ton of crap doesn't need to be done to the house to get it rent ready and that it rents out fast.

Issue numero tres. We decided to sell the Cobra (Ryan's car). We just paid that bad boy off, and Ryan will be getting a truck for work. We'll have to store the Cobra while we live at the condo, so it more than likely will sit, rusting and depreciating in a storage facility for about six months. It needs some work, it's not good for kids and we'll need the money in case the house doesn't rent out right away. Ryan will take it to be detailed this weekend and we'll ask $5500 for it, that's just under fair value based on Kelly Blue Book since it needs some work. Keep more fingers crossed that it sells quickly and for close to what we're asking for it. As of right now my move date is the 24th. I really don't want to have to figure out a way to transport that thing to Louisiana.

Ryan goes to see the condo on the 20th and as long as there aren't thugs standing around with machete's or machine guns we'll put the deposit on it and we'll be good. We feel pretty confident that it will work out, and if not...well, we'll figure it out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Place To Live

I think we found our new "humble home". It's a condo next to LSU. Awesome price and super close to everything. We're pretty excited about it. No cap on pets, so we can take all our animals with us which is a HUGE relief, and we can move in right away. Let me tell you, I had no idea trying to find a place to rent would be so difficult and stressful. We went to, even called a realtor and property management companies down there, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. It was awful! I got on Craig's List, bada bing bada boom, houses for rent galore! Who knew dude. Anywho, so as I'm calling and emailing on these places I'm coming to the realization that the pets could be a problem. We have a very large dog and two cats, most places said 1 or 2 pets and had weight limits. One had a weight limit of 20 pounds for the dog. Just one of my cats weighs more than that, you've got to be kidding me. Anyways, narrowed the list down to 7, and gave Ryan the info to talk to these peeps. One of the houses was in Walker, LA. I had no idea where that was, or how close to Baton Rouge or New Orleans it was, but the house sounded nice and they said "pets OK" so I thought I'd give it a shot. Ryan called me at work, the conversation went a little like this:

Steph: Hey babe.
Ryan: So, the house in you know where that is?
Steph: No clue. Why?
Ryan: Babe that's the headquarters for the Klu Klux Klan.
Steph: Nooooooo. That group hasn't existed since like the 50's or 60's.
Ryan: Babe I'm telling you, it's real backwoods and lots and lots of Klu Klan people are there.
Steph: Well...that's bad. How bout we trash that house.
Ryan: Already did. I'll see you when you get home.

I hung up the phone and just sat there blinkly. Christ, where the hell am I moving to. And I thought Charleston was still stuck in the Civil War era. WOW.

I got a super creepy email back about a house for rent I had inquired on. The owners said in the email that they were only allowing "a God-fearing, married man and woman into their home" and if we can abide by their "God-fearing rules" they will ALLOW us to stay. I politely told them we found another place to live. Crazy ass people, I wanted to ask them if they lived in Walker but I restrained myself.

Other than those crazy/creepy/hopefully isolated incidents we're pretty excited about the move. New area, new adventure, new people...hopefully none of them will be wearing white hooded costumes...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ahh, This Is The Life

I have been on vacation in Nashville since Thursday, within those 2.5 days I have taken a nap every day and consumed enough junk food to feed a family of four. It's fantastic. I know that my diet and schedule is very regemented, but I didn't realize exactly HOW regemented until I got here on vacation. My only responsibility has been to make sure I post on the discussion boards for school, every day. Other than that I have no pets, no work, no nothing, and it's awesome. I even finished a book that I've been trying to read for the last month! I've been so spoiled, it's been awesome!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Airport

One of the reasons I fell in love with Ryan was for his sense of humor. He can make me laugh so hard, my sides hurt and I can barely breathe. It's fantastic, I love it! We were at the airport this morning eating breakfast, waiting for our flight to Nashville to start boarding, when he looked at me and said, "You look yummy today." I looked up from my french toast, mouth full of syrupy goodness, swallowed and said, "Oh yummy do I look baby?" He casually put his orange juice down and said, "Ruth Chris yummy." Now, Ruth Chris is a fancy schamncy steak house with like $90 filets and THE best martini's EVER. I cocked my left eyebrow up and said, "Oh we're rating women based on steak house now? The number scale is no worky worky?" He said, "Yeah, I thought I'd try this, see how it goes. Ruth Chris is the equivalent to DAMN, and it tapers from there." I responded, "Long as I'm at the top."

We flew Southwest this time, and HOOOLLYY CRAP, we are flying Southwest from now on. Not only did they not charge us for checking our bags, but the flight boarded and left on time, we hit no layovers, this was a direct flight, everyone was BEYOND nice, and the fare was reasonably priced. What the crap we were doing flying US Airways, United and Delta??? We would spend the majority of the day waiting in airports on layovers, we paid $30 per checked bag, were treated rudely, and just about everytime I fly US Airways either the pilot or the entire crew would go on strike and our flight would be delayed. Ryan and I are flying Southwest from now on dude.

We got into Nashville, we're walking through the terminal, heading towards baggage claim, holding hands, when out of the blue Ryan says, "I brought 5 pairs of socks." I look up at him, "That's great babe." Smile and nod. I have no idea why he's telling me this, might as well humor him. He then says, "I brought 5 pairs of socks and no tennis shoes." I burst into laughter and say, "I love you...crazyhead."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


What do you do when a gray area of life rears it's ugly head and demands you make a decision? What decision do you make? God I hate these. These are the worst. If you've been one of my blog readers for awhile then you know that our golden retriever, Orion, has health problems. He gets seizures quite often and although the 4 vets, the neurologist and the thousands of dollars in tests all say he's fine, the fact of the matter is, he's not. Ryan, our friends that see him on a regular basis and I have seen the mental deterioration that can happen with frequent seizures. It's devastating. On top of that, we're moving, Ryan and I aren't sure how he'll handle the move, it's not like we're moving across town, we're moving to a different time zone. Eventually we'll need to get Orion on meds for the seizures, meds are expensive and we'll need to have more tests run and honestly we just don't have the money for it. Most don't. Between work, school, our other pets, the house, life in general, we are just way over our heads. Ryan wants to have kids, with Orion's seizures, it's just not safe or sanitary for babies. I'm sure there are plenty of families that handle all of these things just fine, but it's just too much for us, and it's not fair for Orion.

I contacted the Golden Retriever Rescue a few days ago. This has truly been one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made, but I have a peace about it, like I'm doing the right thing for Orion. Ryan and I just don't have the time or finances to care for him like he needs. How are you supposed to know, when you pick up your precious puppy from the breeders that 5 months later they'll have medical problems? How are you supposed to know that during the horror of visiting multiple vets and having multiple tests done, running your precious puppy to and from the hospital while they're having these seizures that your pet insurance will stiff you and tell you there's nothing they can do for you?

Ryan and I have been battling for months now on what we should do about Orion. Sometimes in arguments, sometimes in discussions, sometimes we could read it in each others eyes. I finally bit the bullet and did what had to be done. Ryan knew that Orion was my dog and he needed to wait on me. I spoke to a sweet older woman named Rose at the golden retriever rescue. She made the process as quick and simple for me as she could. She said that they have a very high success rate of adopting dogs with special needs. We meet someone from the rescue tomorrow morning. I gave Orion a bath as he licked me to death. Packed his bag with his comb, all his records, his leash, a baggie full of his favorite peanut butter treats and his favorite toy. I wonder how Thor will take the loss of Orion, Thor has such a pack mentality. Will his obedience issues surface again because he's lonely and bored? God I hope not. I'm glad the rescue didn't drag this out, this is awful. I can't even imagine waiting weeks to let him go. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day.