Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Household Duties

It is well known in the company I work for that the purchasing guys like to bust chops. They LOVE to pick on people, which is fine. They however, were a tad taken back when I started busting chops back. Day one the senior purchasing guy started with me, I fired right back. Apparently the other women in the office don’t pick back, they just laugh it off. So, every day it’s a chops busting competition. Today started like every other. One of the guys was talking about how his wife makes him help her clean and how it’s total crap. I responded with, “You help make the mess, yes? You should help clean it up.” The other purchasing guy went on to say that women have always done housework since our country started and that’s the way it should be. His wife works full time and baby-sits the grandkids, and he doesn’t lift a finger in terms of housework. Ok, housework is a very heated topic with me. I feel that if both parties work full time, household duties should be split 50/50. If someone works only part-time or doesn’t work then the household duties should fall on them; the housework becomes their job. Women no longer sit and churn butter for hours, have 30 kids (usually), spend all day cooking, and scrub the floor with toothbrushes. It’s called progress, women’s right to work, Country Crock butter spread and Swiffer Wet Jets. Yes, back then that’s all women did was cook, clean and make babies, but it’s 2010 and women work, go to school, run companies, have babies, the men can at least help with the cooking and cleaning. And men wonder why women are exhausted and cranky most of the time. You fill our love bank with deposits and we’re more than willing to spend a little on you, if you get my drift.

I looked at purchasing guy #1 and said, “Well, I hope you appreciate all your wife does for you. Working from home full time, baby-sitting grandkids all day, cooking, cleaning, day in day out is a lot. I, however, prefer to be Ryan’s wife not his mommy. Maybe back then marriage was more of a slaveship (new word), but I think marriage should be more of a partnership.” Purchasing guy #2 left and said I was not allowed to meet his wife. Purchasing guy #1 said that I needed to be re-trained. I keep forgetting I’m in the south, and they do things all kinds of old-fashioned here. What do you guys think? Should household duties be split down the middle?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Incredible Purchase

Remember when I mentioned the incredible purchase Ryan and I made weeks ago? WELLLL…that incredible purchase was a new couch. The couch we had was given to Ryan and I 6yrs. ago when we got married. My parents bought that furniture set (couch and loveseat) when I was 6 or 7, so our couch was about 20 years old. My parents most definitely got their money’s worth. When we got Thor, he claimed the loveseat; we call it Thor’s couch. The actual couch though, called the people couch, was getting pretty bad. Right around August of 2009 we noticed that the lining under the cushions was getting holes in it and the cushions were starting to sink down into the couch. Come October, when we moved to Louisiana, the lining was completely ripped out of the middle of the couch, and the springs were showing through. You couldn’t sit in the middle of the couch because you would fall completely through to the floor. Ryan would sit on one end, I would sit on the other, and we would just deal with the springs poking us in the butt.

We finally decided that we would put a little money aside for a new couch. I did some internet shopping, window shopping, flyer browsing to see how much a new couch would cost. A new couch costs around $800-$1200. I called my mom, I know they only spent $700 for their couch, BUT that was 6 years ago. She said they went to a closeout dealer. There are no furniture wholesale/closeout places in Baton Rouge, or New Orleans. Super. SO, I went on Craig’s List. We have a dog, and hopefully will be adding humans to our family in the next year or two, I REALLY didn’t want to spend $1,000 on a couch that’s gonna get animal fur, and baby mess on it. Unless you want a couch that needs to be reupholstered (no clue how you would do that), one with floral print (I’m 27, not 97), a wooden couch (WTF), or one missing cushions, I was not going to find a gently used couch off Craig’s List. Ryan and I decided to keep watching Craig’s List, maybe a decent sofa would be added.

I talked to Ginger (the other accountant at work) the next day about our dilemma. She gave me the name and phone number of a furniture store near the bayou. She said they had really great deals, and if I couldn’t find anything there to try the big furniture store by the mall, usually you can haggle with the mall store. That next weekend, Ryan and I got in the car and headed to the bayou. First off, the neighborhoods out there are beautiful, but they have nothing out there except for train tracks, casino's (called daquiri stores), and a furniture store. I was totally expecting to see this little mom and pop place with wooden rocking chairs out front and pots full of daisies. When we pulled up, it looked like a store you’d see in a big city, columns out front, it was nice. We got out and Ryan said, “This looks promising.” Walked in, and they had full rooms set up, like a showcase, of course all the expensive stuff was in the front, but the deeper we got in the store, the better deals we found. Reclining chairs for $125, loveseats for $250, BRAND NEW. I couldn’t believe it. They even had a wide selection of fabrics and colors! Our budget was $800; we walked out of there with a slip for a brand new couch for $450 including taxes and the delivery fee. We did end up going to the mall store just to compare, they didn’t even come close to the deals that Dalbor’s Furniture had. Our couch was delivered Thursday and it's awesome. No more springs poking us in the butt, and Ryan and I can actually sit next to each other, without falling through to the floor!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Speak The Language

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand people down here. Ginger, the other accountant I work with has lived in Louisiana her entire life (she’s in her 40’s), today she mentioned that she needed toner and paper. She gave me a confused look when I asked her why she needed toilet paper for her office.

Ginger: “Girl, I need to restock my toner and paper today.”
Me: “In your office?”
Ginger: “Yeah, I’m almost out.”
Me: "...why do you need toilet paper in your office?”
Ginger: “Oh, no girl, I said tonna and pappa. Not toilet paper!”
Me: “Oooohhhh.” LOL

I lived in South Carolina for five years, not the upper half by Columbia, I lived in Charleston by Georgia and I don't remember people being this hard to understand.
A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to a furniture store WAY out in the country. We had a very strict budget, and Ginger told me of this great place out near the bayou that had really good deals. Took us 30 minutes to get there and it was worth it. They had amazing deals. Anyways, the store owner had such a thick drawl I really had to pay attention otherwise I didn't have the slightest clue what the heck he was saying. He asked where we were from; he said we didn’t sound like we were from the bayou. We answered, “Oh, yeah, we’re not from around here.” His response, “Oh WOW, ya’ll from Nawlins?” Apparently, “not from around here” means we’re from New Orleans. He said it like he was so amazed, like we were from Sweden or something.

Yesterday I called Mobile, Alabama, mobile, as in the gas station-mobile. Apparently, that’s not how you say it, you say it mobiel, as in emphasis on the “I”. Like a babies mobile. Good grief. It's like learning a whole new language.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Have A Dream

Is it the accomplishment of a dream or the process of the dreaming that encourages people? After you've accomplished a dream, you move on to another dream, so is it the actual dreaming, or the dream coming true that lures people in? Perhaps the dream coming true is the process? Maybe the whole thing from conception to completion is the process and that's what everyone loves.

My dad was always a big dreamer. He says that dreaming is what helps maintain his sanity. The prospect of having his dreams come true is what makes him happy. My sisters and I aren't nearly the dreamers that my dad is, we're more like my mom, realists. Sure, being a Vegas showgirl sounds fun and exciting, but it's better to spend time, money and resources on something more realistic-like paying bills and working on the career that you've had for the past nine years. Don't get me wrong, I dream, I have a list full of dreams I'd like to accomplish, but for me I don't think it's the process that makes me happy, it's the accomplishment. It's being in that moment when you realize your dream has come true. Owning my own home was a dream I had. Unlocking the door of the house and setting foot into our first home we owned was the most riveting feeling; much more so than looking at houses or getting approved by the bank for the loan.

Lately I've been contemplating the American dream. You ask different people what the American dream is and they all answer differently. Some will say freedom from tyranny. Some say that in America you can drive the car you want, live in the city you want, purchase the house you want, marry who you want, have as many kids of either gender that you want. Have you noticed that each person answers that question based on their dreams, based on their own personal understanding of what they want. For my sister it's having the option to work in the field that she chooses. For Ryan it's the opportunity to better yourself. No matter who you are or what background you come from you can change who you are and better your life. For me, the American dream is being able to have the dreams I want and having the option to pursue those dreams. No matter how random, if they connect with each other or not, if they are realistic or not, I have the option to pursue them if I so choose. What is the American dream for you?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

This past Saturday was the first day of spring. Spring cleaning isn't a once a year thing for me. I despise clutter of any sort, so our closets, drawers and storage "areas" are sorted through about every 3-6 months. Our living quarters are tighter now, so clutter can be collected easier and faster, needless to say I've become the hoarding Nazi. I love my husband, but I'll be honest and say it how it is, he's a slob. I think he confuses hoarding and laziness with being sentimental towards...crap. I'm on his case about cleaning up after himself, I'm fairly certain I drive him crazy with it, but until he learns that I'm not his housekeeper he will continue to be bitched at, that's how I see it and you can't convince me otherwise...I promise, some have tried.

On Friday, I cleaned out my office at the new job. TONS of crap, good lord these people are worse than my husband when it comes to saving random things. I found files from 2003! The office got a complete overhaul and in the process I found a file of purchase orders that were not paid on, so much to my dismay I need to research those to find out if we owe these companies money. I learned a valuable lesson, the office hadn't been cleaned out since 2003 for a very good reason-the girls before me were afraid of what they would find. *SIGH*, now I know.

Since the condo didn't really need any thorough cleaning, I decided to clean out another aspect of my life. The electronic aspect. Simplicity is a beautiful thing, simplifying your life can really add to stress relief. A couple years ago I deleted my MySpace and Twitter accounts. It actually freed up a lot of time, getting rid of Twitter and MySpace! Today I decided to go through my favorites list and social network pages, and I have deleted all social network accounts but Facebook and my blog. Went through the blog following list, and cleaned out the blogs I no longer read for whatever reason. I honestly wouldn't mind getting rid of Facebook, but my sisters and all my friends use Facebook to post pics of the babies and they keep it updated with the goings-on in their lives, so I keep it. I did however delete friends though-people that I never talk to, haven't seen since high school, or only talk to because we used to be friends way back when. Really, why are we kidding ourselves, we're not friends anymore and reading your complaints every day is annoying me. Out you go, and I'm sure if you look at this realistically, you feel the same way I do, so enough pretending. Now I just gotta figure out a way to get rid of the people that annoy the hell out of me through Facebook, and will take my booting them out personally...

What things could you simplify or cut out, in your life?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Ramblings 3

Does all the drinking in Ireland cause people to think they see leprachauns?

Why is it the older I get the wiser Dr. Suess becomes?

I found my stamp collection the other day. I have stamps that were $.25. When the hell were they ever only $.25!?!?

Dude seriously, will Heroes EVER come back on TV? DAMN. Are all the actors on a 14 month hiatus or something? Gee whiz.

The color blue has got to be the most amazing color ever, followed closely by purple.

Dear Etsy, I love you.

I'm so glad someone came up with the term, "eclectic". It sounds so much better than "hodgepodge." I much prefer saying my style in "eclectic" rather than saying, "I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just winging it." Eclectic reminds me of randomness and I love it!

My math professor is taking FOREVER to post our grades on our last math test. It's agonizing. I may die if he doesn't post our grades by Friday night. Just lettin' ya know.

Come to find out, having The Little Mermaid as your favorite Disney movie, isn't so unique. What can I say, we all love Ariel.

I think, I think, *fingers crossed*, we're done with the cold weather here in Louisiana. All the flowering trees are blossoming, YYIIPPEE!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

I have a confession. I like Disney. I know, I KNOW, just when you think I'm this badass, Harley lovin', tattoo collectin', rocker chick, I spill the beans on my love for Cinderelly and Ariel. Ok so maybe you never thought of me as badass, whatev, regardless, I do love Disney. Disney movies like The Little Mermaid (my fav), Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog, not that Herbie Loaded bull shit, are some of my favorite movies to watch. When we have kids, dude I hope we have a little girl so I can dress her up like various Disney princesses. I know, my poor future child, being forced to play dress-up with her 30-something-year-old mommy.

This year Disney is doing the Give A Day, Get A Day program. You volunteer a day of service in return for a free ticket to one of their theme parks-Disneyland or Disney World. I'm a big advocate for volunteer work, I've been volunteering since I was 17, and I'm beyond poor, so I jumped at this. Hey, just because I have this ball and chain of a house attached to my hip, who says I can't have ONE day of fun, especially if it comes partially free. Besides, this trip isn't causing us to hold back payment from the evil bank gods, especially since they won't let me make partial payments. I'm not bitter at all, can'tcha tell? I'm getting off topic.

Months ago I went to the website, and signed Ryan and I up as volunteers. We cleaned up after a Mardi Gras parade, and we actually had fun. Ryan found some strange things, plastic penis', a bucket of half eaten chicken, couple condom wrappers. Those four hours of cleaning up beads, beer bottles and half eaten dinners scored us two tickets to the Magic Kingdom.

My birthday is a Saturday this year, I'm taking the Friday before off and heading down to Florida. This of course is not for many many months, but that does not change how excited I am! For an entire day we can forget about all this CRAP and be kids. For a whole day we can believe that dreams truly do come true, just like you did when you were a kid, before you realized how the world really was. For a whole day we can just live and not have a care in the world. We can take pictures standing next to statues of Mickey Mouse and fountains outside of castles. I totally plan on riding space mountain until I throw up.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I work for a small family owned/run business. Not only am I the only one in the entire company from out of state, but I’m the only one not from New Orleans. Last week someone asked me if it was hard being so far from family. I answered, “Not at first, I was happy to move away and start a new chapter with Ryan. It is now though.”

Jackie is getting married, Lauren is getting ready to go to college, I have a nephew now and sometimes I feel like I barely know my siblings-in-laws. I feel like I’m missing out on so much. I feel like I’m missing out on my friend’s lives even. Rosie and Rayne, Tiffany’s and Lisa’s babies are mobile now, Alison and Marina will be having their babies in a matter of months. It’s a total bummer. Ryan and I see family 2-3 times a year, usually around the holidays and that’s it. Alison’s husband just got orders to Charleston, so I’ll be able to see her when I see my family, still only a couple times a year. Same thing with Lisa, she lives about an hour from Ryan’s family, still maybe a couple times a year I see her, if that. Because we only see family twice a year, and our trips are typically crammed into a long holiday weekend, we are usually go go go there isn’t a lot of time to kick back relax and enjoy everyone’s company. Although I really enjoy my new job they are not very giving in terms of time off, this too limits how many times I'll see my family. That’s how it is for a lot of military/ex-military people.

Growing up, we moved around New York state a lot, and eventually moved to South Carolina, but I wonder what it would be like to see your parents still living in the house you were raised in. What it would be like to see one school and know that you spent all your school days there, that you were with the same friends from grade school through high school. When you see the same playground you played on for years, would it bring you down memory lane or would you roll your eyes? Are people actually close to aunts, uncles and cousins? Even when we lived next door to our cousins for those four years we never saw them. Do people who live 15 minutes from family get sick of seeing them all the time and wish they weren't so close?

I am happy we moved a lot, it taught me how to adapt. I would never change that. For a long time I always thought that I would always want to be a “gypsy”, move a lot, experience new places, meet new people. I couldn’t see how anyone would want roots anywhere. Just over a year ago I wrote this post, What's The Deal With Roots. Here I am March 2010 saying that I can see why people would want roots. I will always enjoy traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people, but having roots kinda sounds nice. Having a house and not having to worry about if you’re going to be able to sell it in a few years when you move, having Sunday afternoon BBQ’s with friends and family, not having to worry if your kids will make friends at whatever new school is in the town you're moving to-it sounds so stable, so final, and yes it sounds really nice.

Well hot damn, first I want babies, then I’m pondering having roots...the husband must have slipped me the "adult" pill...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Note To Self

You cannot survive without coffee. First day being caffeine Second day being caffeine free...super fail. Not only did you succeed in tripping up the steps, and punching in the wrong code into your own office four times in a row, locking yourself out and having to ask the operations manager to let you into your own office, but you excelled in stabbing yourself in the eye with your pen...twice, accidentally pushing your calculator off your desk, forgetting your lunch and deleting a crucial spreadsheet. Super fantastic Stephanie. Just face it, you need coffee. It's ok. Most people need something, for you it's coffee. Lack of coffee is your kryptonite. We all have our weaknesses...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Tidbits

Saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday. Ahmazing, loved it. You should go, you'll love it to, and if you don't, I will ask, what the hell is wrong with you? Made an incredible purchase over the weekend, but more on that in much later, when I have pictures to show you.

The math class I'm taking is totally kicking my ass, and it's only week one, seven more to go. Spent over $100 on a graphing calculator this weekend, and no that wasn't my incredible purchase. $100 for a calculator? Daggum. I need to build calculators. Thankfully this is the last math class I need for my degree, anymore of these doozies and I may not make it.

I am cutting my caffeine intake. *GASP* I know, Starbucks retailers are crying out everywhere. Not only have I noticed my teeth go from dazzling white to a not-so-dazzling version of white, but I think my body has adapted to it, it takes much much more than my 1-2 cups a day to wake me up in the morning. So, it's down to every other day none on the weekends, and I'm brushing my teeth with baking soda before bed. Yes, it's an old wives tale, and yes, it truly does whiten your teeth. Due to my coffee purging, I'm going to have to catch my zzzz's earlier, we'll see how that goes.

Did anyone watch the Oscar's last night? I don't remember it being so lame in prior years. The hosts weren't even funny. I didn't get it. I'm glad Sandra Bullock won best actress though.

Alright guys and gals, that's all I got for now. Peace out.

("Peace out"...I know, I'm totally lame...I'm ok with that.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What The Crap

I'm normally not one to have dreams that make any sense whatsoever. My dreams typically resemble some retarded ass low budget movie with lots of bad scenes that don't go together at all. For example, I once dreamed that I was on a Ferris wheel with one of my co-workers who started freaking out because she was afraid of heights. Being the sensitive person I am I told her to shut her pie hole and get over herself. The "scene" then cut to me wearing some sort of loin cloth, shaking a stick in the air while dancing around a bon fire surrounded by tiki torches. My co-workers heads were on the tiki torches. Hm...well that may be one of the more fucked up examples, but still you get the idea. They make no sense and are completely ridiculous.

Last night I decided to hit the hay early, I'm not 19 anymore and going off of five hours of sleep at night was taking it's toll. I don't have another five more minutes to give each morning to the cover-Stephanie's-dark-circles-under-her-eyes time slot. My dream was strange to say the least...

Me, Ryan and two other married couples (whom I don't recognize, but apparently in my dream were best friends with) were hanging out. The guys came back with a bag of weed, which is strange because I have never done drugs, EVER, and Ryan isn't into that at all. But whatev, in my dreams I'm a drug addicted physco that kills her co-workers and dances 1/2 naked around their severed heads. Ya know, whatev. So, they come back with the weed, and tell me that I have to keep it in my backpack because I look the most innocent out of the group. No clue why we have backpacks, but each of us has one and they're full of clothes...and now mine has weed. I put the weed in my backpack, we all climb into a car and get to some random person's house. It's dark, there's a bonfire, people laughing, having fun, ect. One of the girls turns to me and says "We should go to the beach." I say "OK!" and we drive to the beach. Suddenly it's day time, not a cloud in the sky. At the beach there's an amusement park. We're walking down this sandy pathish trail, when all the sudden we see this huge pitch black cloud coming towards us. It's so dark we can't see in front of us. We continue walking, even though we can't see a damn thing. The cloud passes over us and it's sunny again. We look at each other, shrug our shoulders, brush it off as "Man that was one heck of a storm cloud!" and continue walking. 'Nuther storm cloud comes, can't see a damn thing and we're reaching out for each other because we're afraid we'll get separated. (It never dawns on us to stop walking.) The cloud passes overhead and we see a cave in front of us. The cave is pitch black and we can hear circus music coming out from the cave entrance. For whatever reason we think it's a good idea to go into this black hole of probable death. As we enter we see that the cave splits off, one side has a bunch of younger looking people in white robes doing sciencey things with formulas, beakers, test tubes, ect. The other side is like a fucked up version of Alice in Wonderland. Elves, not Legolas-like elves from Lord of the Rings, but like wrinkly, hunchback elves, that are twitching, and trying to beckon you to them. Little mushroom people are running around laughing, Cheshire cats are in the trees and the only light is the gold glitter littering the path. You can also hear blood curling screaming further on in the cave.

Each "section" has a large sign posted in front. Like the amusement park signs that say if you're preggo, or have a heart condition you can't ride the ride. The scientist cave said that they cannot be held liable for any physical deformity that may occur during your visit. The fucked up Alice in Wonderland sign read that no mushroom people were harmed during this reenactment (reenactment of what, I have no idea), thieves of elven gold would be prosecuted, and loss of life, and the possibility of getting lost in the cave forever may occur while visiting.

In my dream, I read the signs, pointed to the fucked up elves and said, "I wanna go in this one." The chick with me, of course, wanted to visit the scientists. After much arguing I gave in and we visited the scientists. Upon walking in we were told we were welcome to try any concoction on the table except for the blue one. Now, of course, all the other concoctions were a pea soup green color and had crud floating in it. The blue concoction however, was a crystally ocean blue that gave off an amazing aroma, and had mist coming out of it (ya know when you drop dry ice into a cup of, water, and it creates that whole mystic fog affect, yeah, like that). Chicky-poo grabs it, downs 1/2 the tube and disappears. The scientists start freaking out saying it hasn't been tested and all kinds of crap has happened to the testers that have drank it. One of the scientists then turns to me and says, you should drink the rest, it should take you to the same spot it took your friend, she could be lost forever. Super! That sounds like a perfectly good reason to drink this test tube that's not only made my friend disappear, but has caused all kinds of cracked out side effects to the other drinkers of the blue drink of mysticism! I drink the drink and feel as though I'm trying to squeeze myself into a size triple zero dress. Pulling, prodding, not able to breath, I wake up to find myself and chicky-poo on the edge of a cliff. The sky is blackish gray but there's no clouds, there's three moons and a purple planet in the distance. We look normal, but don't speak normal. We speak Klingon. Yes, Klingon, from Star Trek. I have no idea, I learned a long time ago to not ask questions about my crazy ass dreams. We decide that we more than likely cannot get off the planet, island, cliff whatever this place is. I sit, open my backpack and what do I see? No clothes, just weed, tons and tons of weed.

At that point I woke up, and when I woke up I was not thinking, "what the hell". I was super pissed that this bish wouldn't let me go in the fucked up Alice cave.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Focus On What You Can Change Now

So, I was doing my 2nd favorite stress reliever ever...browsing through Etsy. Yes I know, how bad-to-the-boneish of me. (My 3rd favorite stress reliever involves a machine, a wad of cash, ink and ointment, and since I'm lacking the wad of cash my love of drilling art into my body has been put on hold.) So, anyways, I'm browsing through Etsy, looking at wall art and saw a print that read, Focus on what you can change now. Hm, that's interesting. I mean obviously the things I can change right now aren't much, but maybe that should be a relief, less to stress over.

Life can be a total pain in the ass sometimes. It can be annoying, irritating, frustrating, and maddening as you can see from my last post; and if anyone has actually come back to read more of my antics, outbursts and opinions, how sweet of you. No really I'm not being sarcastic, really, that's sweet of you. Unfortunately this whole bank house fiasco isn't going to end any time soon, so, my faithful and newbie followers (welcome to the madness that is Stephanie by the way) be prepared for more outbursts on my love hate relationship with corporate America.

SO! What can Stephanie change right now? The television channel, my diet, my exercise routine, my education, which route I take to work in the morning (which I should seriously reconsider if I don't want to keep getting stuck behind that bus that goes 2 miles an hour), my toothpaste brand, what I wear outside of work (we have uniforms-polo shirts and khaki pants, I threw up in my mouth a little when they told me), if I want to answer my phone or not when it rings, I could continue on here, but I'll spare us both.

On a side note, has anyone seen that new show, Undercover Boss? I have no idea if it's real or not, but I almost want to call the producers and give them Diablo Enterprises name. OH! You mean we should actually communicate with the people working in the trenches? We should talk to the people actually DOING the work, if we want to find out what's REALLY going on in our company?? They think??? And have ideas???? NOOOOOO!

Cue eye rolling now. Dumbasses. Maybe corporate guru's have been so high up on the food chain for so long they forgot how WORK really is? Not just going to meetings and going over numbers, because I realize management is busy too and has a job over and above the trenches workers, but they make decisions based on numbers, not based on logistics, or how those changes actually affect their employees, or even how those changes will work for those departments. Diablo used to make policy changes every week! If they would have just asked us what problems we were facing, we could have told them and it would have resolved the issue and there wouldn't have been any of this back and forth policy crap. Silly me, there I go thinking again...