Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 34

I have been extremely MIA. Yes, I'm fine, just busy. My typically excuse for my lack of attendance.

School is done. I have achieved my BS in Business Finance, and I completed it with honors. I feel very relieved to have it done AND before I got in my third trimester. Now, I get to start paying off the student loans...oh goody.

Birth classes have been taken, wills have been written up, life insurance has been purchased, all documents are locked up in the safe, the nursery is pretty much done, baby showers have come and gone, I'm pre-registered with the hospital, Tyler's registered for daycare in September, we have a pediatrician, my doc has my official birth plan, the new house is set up, and my hospital bag is packed. I'd say we're ready.

Oh yeah. We moved. Ya know how people talk about "nesting" right around the third trimester? Usually this "nesting" consists of cleaning and organization. When Ryan's friends told him about "nesting" I think he thought I would do a thorough scrubbing of the baby's room, not wake up one morning and say "Screw this, we're moving." Which is exactly what happened.

For awhile the condo just hasn't worked out well for us. It's right next to LSU's campus, the parking was lousy, we had inconsiderate neighbors all around us, Thor didn't have a yard which was becoming a problem, the office lady was becoming a problem, Ryan wasn't getting his work packages on time. It was literally one thing after another with that place, and it just wasn't working for us anymore. So, I started searching for a house to rent. I figured if I found something, great, if not we were no worse off. Usually I analyze things to death, and want to think things over, especially big decisions like moving. This was not the case. I found the house, called the landlord, and in a week we were moved in. We've been here a month and I couldn't be happier. Not only are we in a better neighborhood, but it's quiet, no more late night parties. Thor has a HUGE fenced in yard, with a deck. No more parking issues, no more office lady issues, no more package delivery issues, it's perfect. Moving in month seven of pregnancy, and we were moved in within a week, how's that for "nesting"?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I have had the easiest pregnancy, and I am so thankful for that. I had nausea for about a month in the first trimester, no uncontrollable vomiting or anything like that, just nausea. My ribs started giving me problems around the seventh month. The doc says it's cuz the little one is getting bigger (duh) and stretching/tearing the muscles in between the ribs. It's painful but nothing unmanageable, I just try to get plenty of rest at night and sleep on a heating pad. Recently, like within the last week, I've been so hot, like burning up hot. I wake up every couple of hours sweltering, and I sleep with a fan and the AC is pretty cold. At work I freeze everyone to death, and doing anything outside in the Louisiana heat has become difficult, and we haven't even had the sweltering humidity yet. Thank goodness this heat issue just now started and I haven't had to contend with this the whole 40 weeks. Other than those few things, this pregnancy has been beyond easy.

I thought for sure I would be one of the women who wasn't a fan of pregnancy, and that I would need to see my child before I felt a bond with him. I thought I would whine and complain a lot and count down the days until my due date just because I couldn't wait to not be pregnant. That has not been the case at all. I mean yes, I have had my whiny and complaining moments, every pregnant woman has that, but I've really enjoyed being pregnant. It's been an experience that I feel so blessed and thankful to be able to go through.

I can't believe how much I love this tiny person growing inside me and I haven't even met him yet. I love Ryan, I love my sisters, I love my friends, but I LOVE my son. It's incredible. It's unlike any other feeling I've ever had. I would give up everything I own and take on the worlds worst diseases and criminals to protect him. I didn't think I would feel this way already. I thought it would take time and I would need to build up to it. Let's face it, I'm not exactly the nurturing, motherly type. It amazes me.

My ribs are killing me but I don't mind; I know they hurt because my son is growing strong and healthy. I have really enjoyed pregnancy. Do I want to be pregnant forever? Um, no, there are things about pregnancy that aren't as fun such as tearing of your ribs and having to pee every 20 minutes, but I would do this again in a heartbeat. I can feel him moving around inside my belly and it makes me so happy. I could be having the worst day in the history of days, but as soon as Tyler starts moving I can't help but smile and think about how much I love him. It's crazy the bond I have with him already.

I was so angry in the beginning that men didn't have to go through nausea, and having their body get all warped out of shape, or be exhausted all the time. They also don't get to experience this amazing bond that Tyler and I have. I get it now. This is totally worth it.