Thursday, October 13, 2011

Banks and Why They're Getting On My Nerves

I deal with two banks, one is with a credit union that Ryan and I have had since before the dinosaurs. We like that bank, never had any issues, everyone is super nice, their rates are reasonable, we're happy. I also have another account with a regular bank, non-credit union, that I've been with for about a year. Everyone is super nice and it's convenient. There are locations EVERYWHERE, and the return rate on my IRA is good; I was happy. WAS...happy. That bank is now charging fees out the whazoo for everything. If you use your debit card...fee. If your balance drops lower than $10,000...fee. If the wind blows east and you live out west...fee. Well, not really but I'm waiting for that one next. I so loved this bank because it wasn't like Wells Fargo and Bank of America with their fee mania happenings.

Hey, I get it, the banks are owned by stockholders and heaven forbid the stock holders not get their $3 dividends. But seriously WHY do American institutions insist on squashing the already dwindling middle class with their constant financial restraints. Not only did these banks get billions from the government to bail them out, but now they're charging more and more fees. I'm not a stockholder, I'm just a regular person with some money in the bank and a retirement account that more than likely won't be large enough for me to actually retire on before the age of 85. I don't want $3 dividends, especially when stocks fluctuate the way they do, I want money that I can count on NOW, not maybe sorta hopefully when I decide to turn my stock in.

Credit unions don't charge fees. Ya know why? Credit unions are owned by the bank members. They're for the people because they're run by the people, NOT the stockholders. There's some trade off there. Banks typically have branches everywhere, ATM's everywhere and they're beyond convenient. Credit unions are smaller, typically not nationwide, and have fewer ATM's. Credit unions don't have fees for their checking and savings accounts, their interest rates are lower on loans, and higher on your checking and savings accounts. So, do I want to pay $50 a year for a checking account, plus $4 a month every time I use my debit card, make the rich stockholders richer, and have easy access to my money in every state; or do I want to get to my money whenever I want in my state only, not be charged fees every time I turn around, actually make money off my bank account and know that I have some say in how the credit union runs?

To me the choice is obvious, I'm switching to a credit union. Why stay with something when there are better options elsewhere? Maybe I'm still bitter about the Wells Fargo fiasco a few years ago, but it just seems like we're being taken advantage of. The average American is struggling while the rich get richer. I'm tired of working hard and HOPING that I won't be a Walmart greeter at 85, or HOPING that I might be able to pay for a year or two of Tyler's college. The middle class is dwindling people and it's because we put up with it. Switching financial institutions isn't a big deal, but we gotta put our foot down somewhere.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Fashion Designers

Dear Fashion Designers,

How do you people come up with this stuff? I mean seriously, mustard is the new hot fall color. No one looks good in that color, it doesn't matter if you're red or yellow, black or white, mustard is no bueno.

Bulky sweaters, gauze skirts, maxi dresses, dear god, why? Why do you hate us? Or do you guys think up the most hideous crap from past era's just to see if we'll all follow what you say and wear this mess?

Do people really buy this stuff? Even the models don't look good in this stuff, and these women have stick figure bodies so that they can make anything look good! Why is it so hard to find practical fashion? Probably because practical and fashion don't go together. Kinda like practical heels, puh-lease.

Remember when the show, "What Not To Wear", used to show the crazy ladies who went out of their houses wearing camo gear, slippers, and curlers in their hair? The best accessory for that outfit is a shotgun. Now they're showing women who go out of their houses in jeans and a T-shirt. What the hell is wrong with jeans and a T-shirt? Since when did wearing jeans and T-shirt to Walmart become a fashion no-no? Who the hell are these women trying to impress at Walmart? I just saw a lady at Walmart wearing camo and bedroom slippers, my jeans and T-shirt look pretty damn good!

Seriously, what working woman, or mom or both has the time to dress up in a super cute outfit, heels, full make-up, their hair in long bouncy curls just to do errands? Even if they did start out that way, by the time they got to the grocery store they more than likely had spit up on them, a cell phone glued to their ear handling some work crisis, and are limping from carrying a kid, a diaper bag and a purse while wearing heels.

We don't need outfits that are dry clean only, or that take a lot of thought in putting it together. We don't want to spend the same amount of money on clothes that we could spend on a trip to Europe. We don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe each season. We just want something simple, cute, affordable, washable, and comfortable!