Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are You A Sarah?

By now I'm sure you all have heard or read about this girl, . Dude breaks into her home and she blows him away with the shot gun. It's about goddam time. We have laws that allow us to protect ourselves and headline after headline reads "woman stabbed and raped", "man mugged and shot", "woman kidnapped, found dead in creek". YOU are not immune, this could happen to YOU. It happened to her, why not you? My parents live in one of the oldest/nicest country club's and they've had break-ins. Do you have to arm yourself with a 12-gauge shot gun? No, but you should do something. Don't just think it won't ever happen to you and then if something does, not know what to do.

The more people stand up and start defending themselves, such as this chick in this article, the less crime we'll have. My dad is a cop, I've heard some of the most grotesque horror stories that he has witnessed and about half of them could have been avoided if the woman had shot the dude. One I will always remember. A woman was running along a public running trail with her dog. Dude approaches her, acts interested in her dog, grabs her, hauls her off into the woods next to the trail, rapes and beats her. That guy got off on a technicality. He's roaming the streets. He's at the store getting groceries just like you and me. He's pumping gas just like you and me. He's getting a cup of coffee just like you and me. If the girl had a gun and used it she wouldn't have been raped or beaten.

I'm not a lawyer, but if someone comes at you and you have reason to believe that he/she will physically harm you or someone around you you have every right to use deadly force to protect yourself and others. I'm not talking about if someone gets in your face and threatens you, that's not reasonable cause to use deadly force, I'm talking about if someone grabs you or you see they have a weapon and it's you or them, that's reasonable cause. If they're on your property, HA well, soon as they enter the house it's a done deal.

I have a gun, I practice at the range on a regular basis. I have a concealed carry permit and I use it. I'm licensed in 47 states to carry my firearm, concealed, anywhere I go. If I'm jogging with Tyler in his stroller and someone tries something they're gonna get shot. I'm at Walmart putting my son and the groceries in the car and someone tries something, they're gonna get shot. You come into my home without an invitation you're gonna get shot. Basically, don't fuck with me. I have zero tolerance for that nonsense, I know the law, I know my rights, I have a gun on me and I'll use it, so move on.

None of this warning shot bull crap either. 1) If you're coming at me, there's no way I would know if a warning shot will stop you. 2) I don't want you getting off because some douche-bag lawyer found some loop hole and you come after me again. 3) If you're trying to hurt me, I think it's pretty clear you're a dirt bag and I'm taking you out. 4) Taking you out means there's one less shit bag on the streets. As they said in my concealed carry class, "No warning shots, take the bastard out."

If you're anti-gun, that's ok. You have a right to believe anything you want but arm yourself somehow. Carry pepper spray, or a baton, or a tazer. All of those are legal in most states and will at least give you time to get away. I would say to take a self defense class, but I'm gonna be honest here, unless you're a trained fighter a dude can take a woman. If a man tried to overpower me, I would stand no chance. If you're a dude, I don't care how badass you are, enough hits can take you down. My dad is a big guy, he's taken on two men before and came out unscathed, three however, even he says he's not sure he could take on three. Most robberies are done in pairs, not by just one single person.

Crime happens because the bad guys think they'll get away with it. No one's gonna break into your home to steal your jewelry if they know they'll be killed in the process. No one is going to try to rape you if they know you're armed. There's exceptions to everything of course, and gang members for one don't care how armed you are. If you have what they want they're going to try to get it. In that case, carry extra loaded magazines and learn how to swap them out quickly. No one's gonna look out for you but you and it only takes one time to completely destroy your life. One raping, that's all it takes to destroy your life. One time being beaten, one time being mugged and you'll be scared, scarred and broken for a long time. My dad's a cop, I hear about it all the time. You don't go back to the life you knew, you're forever changed, and you're forever changed because of some shit-bag. Enough is enough. No more dicking around. It's nice to see one of our own taking matters into her own hands.


Ricademus said...

It's difficult to get a concealed carry permit here. Our politicians STILL don't understand that gun laws only keep guns out of law-abiding citizen's hands and encourage criminal behavior. DC was the murder capital for lots of reasons, but a major one was the complete ban on owning handguns. Thanks to dedicated legal action, that's finally changing. (I live just outside the city.)

I do own guns and would shoot an intruder on sight. The police can't protect us. But even if they COULD, people should always have the the right to defend themselves.

My wife and I have not been to the range in a few years--we're overdue. Thanks for the reminder.

Steph said...

Yes, D.C., Chicago, NYC and Boston don't allow firearms within the city. Even with my carry license I cannot carry my firearm on me. D.C. and Chicago don't even allow me to have my gun in my car.

You're right, police cannot protect you, they are reactive not proactive. If you want proactive law enforcement head on over to China, communism=proactive law enforcement. Making the police proactive would mean taking away our rights as citizens, i.e. no guns, no privacy, martial law enacted, curfews, ect. No one wants that. Unlike politicians, the police are for the people and their rights, so they remain reactive. You do what you have to do to protect your family and as long as you're within the law, police will back you up. Matter of fact that's one less monster they have to track down later. They'll be glad you're helping them out!

Yes, go shoot! The last thing you want to do is have someone break in and either miss him or freeze.

suzy said...

amen sister!!! finally someone who thinks like me.